Rio Pipeline 2017

A surprising edition

Rio Pipeline Conference & Exhibition has changed its branding design, to unify the whole pipeline community, in an even more complete event. This was the gathering of all market players of this industry, around relevant content, networking and great business environment. What happens at the pipeline market, you can learn first here. Rio Pipeline, even more Pipeline.

With the theme “Connecting the Future: Trends and Challenges”, we went deeper into the scenario, showing innovative solutions to industry’s challenges and promoting business opportunities.








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2017 Speakers

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Mike Hogan

Mike Hogan

Responsible for project execution for all product divisions


Oil States Industries, Inc.

Mr. Hogan has served in materials development, engineering, and project management roles with Oil States Industries, Inc. over the past 33 years. He is currently responsible for project execution for all Oil States product divisions. Mr. Hogan is a graduate of the Texas A&M University and the University of Texas at Arlington, holding degrees in mechanical engineering, welding metallurgy, and business management. Mr. Hogan is a registered Professional Engineer in the State of Texas, U. S.

Jorge Costilla Fernández

Jorge Costilla Fernández

Head of Control Room


Compañia Operadora de Gas del Amazonas

Environmental Engineering PhD, Industrial Engineering Master with a Mention in Operations and Productivity, Chemical Engineer, Gas Transmission Professional, International Certificate by the Department of Transportation (DOT) as Master Trainer, Master Evaluator and Qualified Operator in Pipeline Transportation System Operation.
Professional experience as Head of Transportation, Control Room Chief, Fractionation Plant and Pipeline supervisor for about 20 years.

Caio Palumbo

Caio Palumbo

Senior Engineer



Caio is a Senior Engineer at Comgas, a natural gas distribution company in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He is leading the research and assessment of corrosion in gas pipeline. He is also responsible for assessing damage to steel pipes for natural gas distribution systems. Caio also take part of National Committees for the development of Brazilian Standards related to gas distribution systems and corrosion. He also works as a Professor at the Faculdade das Américas.
Caio is graduated in Materials Engineering from the University Presbiteriana Mackenzie, with a a Master of Science degree in Materials Science from the University of São Carlos and two pHDs: in Nuclear Energy (Materials) from University of Sao Paulo and physical-chemical from Universit Pierre and Marie Curie (France).

Reginaldo de Freitas

Reginaldo de Freitas

Analyst of Engineering Projects



Analyst of Engineering Projects of the Gas Company of the State of Mato Grosso do Sul – MSGÁS, Mechanical Engineer graduated at the Federal University of Rio Grande (Furg), specialized in Production Engineering at the University of Passo Fundo (UPF) and Master Student in Materials Science at Institute of Physics of the Federal University of Mato Grosso do Sul (UFMS).

Joe Paviglianiti

Joe Paviglianiti

Engineering Technical Leader


National Energy Board (NEB)

Mr. Paviglianiti is an Engineering Technical Leader at the National Energy Board (NEB) in Calgary, Canada. Joe has over 35 years of experience in the oil and gas industry. He worked in oil and gas facility construction for 14 years as an NDE technician before obtaining Civil Engineering degree from the University of Calgary. Joe has been with the NEB for over 20 years and his responsibilities include construction and pipe integrity inspections, auditing and reviewing integrity management programs, fitness for service evaluations and engineering assessments and conducting failure investigations. In addition, he provides input into regulatory and standards development and is the past Chairman of the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Z662 Oil and Gas standard Technical Committee and is the Canadian representative on the ISO TC67/SC2 committee. Joe also participated on the executive of the ASME Pipeline System Division and International Pipeline Technology Institute. In addition to having published papers in technical conferences proceedings and journals, Joe has provided training and presentations on various integrity management related topics, construction techniques, standards development, and regulations in numerous countries.


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During Rio Pipeline 2017, you can spotlight a project running for two different awards: Calgary Award and Global Pipeline Award. Those technical papers achieving Honorable Mention in the event will also run for Plínio Cantanhede, an IBP Award to be granted in Rio Oil & Gas 2018.



2017 Parallel Events

Knowledge Arena

In a moment that requires new skills, information management and connection to new global demands, the Rio Pipeline Knowledge Arena have promoted debates on issues that go well beyond technical issues, provoking broad and revealing reflections on the industry.


Youth Professional Program

Students from all over the country had a great opportunity to invest in a career in the oil and gas industry! The Youth Professional Program is held annually alongside national and international events of the market. Through debates with specialists in the oil and human resources areas, headhunters and youth professionals, the students were be able to interact with speakers, share experiences and collect valuable tips.